Paragon CRT® and Paragon CRT Dual Axis®


Paragon CRT®. The pioneering lens design that helped set the standard for ortho-k worldwide. Discover why CRT and Dual Axis® offers today’s eye care professionals the flexibility, customization, and quality to stand out and change lives.

Leaders in Ortho-K

Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses are reverse-geometry corneal lenses made of high Dk gas-permeable material. CooperVision Specialty EyeCare is the only company to manufacture its own lens designs (Paragon CRT® and Paragon CRT Dual Axis®) and lens material (HDS 100). Both the lens designs and the material are FDA-approved for overnight wear.1

When it comes to myopia correction, Paragon CRT® has the highest FDA approval, up to -6.00D sphere with ≤1.75 cyl.1
Paragon CRT Dual Axis® Contact Lenses correct up to -6.00D sphere and ≤1.75D of astigmatism.1

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We Give You the Power to CUSTOMIZE

Paragon CRT® and Paragon CRT Dual Axis® can be customized to meet your needs and the needs of your patients.

5mm OZD Lens Customization
for Paragon CRT® and Paragon CRT Dual Axis®!

More and more ortho-k practitioners are discovering the benefits of decreased back optic zone diameter. Now Paragon gives you the power to customize.

In a recent clinical study, our 5mm OZD Lens Customization Delivers:

Decreased Treatment Zone Size

A proven, statistically significant reduction in topographic treatment zone diameter.2

Rapid Onset

Clinical results show 0.43D more myopia correction at 1-day visit.2

Enhanced Paracentral Steepening

Experience increased paracentral corneal steepening compared to larger optic zone designs.2

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1. FDA Approval Letter. 2. Berkeley clinical study, data on file, 2021

2. Jung, L., Liu, M., Comparing 5mm and 6mm Back Optic Zone Diameter (BOZD) in Orthokeratology Lens Design, Presented at: Global Specialty Lens Symposium. 2022 January.