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Paragon Vision Sciences has helped pioneer modern orthokeratology. One of their early initiatives focused on the material used to create their lenses. Determined to produce a gas permeable lens material that would offer the comfort of soft contact lenses along with excellent ocular health and safety, greater durability, visual clarity, and easier care, Paragon Vision Sciences set out on a future of innovations.


In February of 1995, Paragon collaborated with NASA and launched simultaneous experiments on earth and aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.

The experiments were a comparative look at the differences between materials polymerized on earth versus materials polymerized in the near zero gravity of space. As a result, Paragon researchers utilized concepts derived from the experiments to engineer the materials that make Paragon CRT® safe for extended overnight wear.

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Any company can say they support you, but Paragon Vision Sciences backs it up with industry's leading experts along with proven resources dedicated to driving patients into your chair and profit into your practice's bottom line. See how when you invest in Paragon CRT®, we invest in your success. Think of us as your Partners in Practice.

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