The Paragon HDS® Technology

The more options you have as a practitioner, the better prepared you are to improve your patients' vision. Paragon Vision Sciences is proud to provide you with industry-leading oxygen permeable materials, unique and outstanding support programs, and industry alliances that benefit your practice.

Today's active individual demands vision correction options that provide comfort, clarity and extended wear options. Patients require reliable, effective and FDA-approved lens materials that can accommodate even the most challenging prescriptions. The HDS® Technology family of materials meet the needs of every member of your patient family whether their need is a toric lens, multi-focal or even a spherical lens. Your patients will value their clear vision and your expertise. The result is happy, loyal patients you'll see year after year.

Paragon HDS®

Paragon HDS® and Paragon HDS®100 are FDA approved for up to 7 days of extended wear and provide visual performance, stability, wettability, comfort and ISO/ANSI Dk values of 40 and 101 respectively, .

Just because a material has a high Dk does not mean clinical safety for extended wear has or can be established. That is why the FDA requires demonstrated product performance through extensive clinical study to obtain extended wear approval. Paragon HDS (paflufocon B, ISO DK 40 and Paragon HDS®100 (paflufocon D, ISO DK 101) are approved by the FDA for up to seven (7) days of extended wear.

When prescribing lenses for applications involving extended or flexible wear, choose a material that is stable, wettable, comfortable, cleared for the indication and proven to have the oxygen permeability your patients need.



FDA Approval





Paragon Thin™ paflufocon C Daily 23* Available as an option Sapphire Blue
Emerald Green
Structural integrity
Excellent durability
Super thin lens designs Ideal for thin lens designs.
Paragon HDS® paflufocon B Extended 40* Available as an option Sapphire Blue
Emerald Green
Crystal blue
Forest Green
Deposit resistance
Wettability performance
Default material: “When I'm not sure what to use.”
Paragon HDS® 100 paflufocon D Extended 100* N/A Sapphire Blue
Emerald Green
When oxygen permeability is your primary concern
Used for Paragon CRT®
Excellent for Challenged Corneas
FDA Approved for up to seven (7) days continuous wear

Paragon HDS® (paflufocon B)

Paragon HDS incorporates a Hyperpurified Delivery System, which purifies the material's silicone content. This means that Paragon HDS has one of the most efficient oxygen delivery systems in the industry, allowing for unprecedented designs with both stability and oxygen permeability.

Paragon HDS® 100 (paflufocon D)

When oxygen permeability is your main concern, prescribe Paragon HDS® 100. A 101 Dk, extended wear approved material; Paragon HDS® 100 is an excellent material choice to promote corneal health and is the preferred GP material for scleral applications. Paragon HDS® 100 is available from your Authorized Paragon Laboratory in a variety of diameter sizes to accommodate a scleral design. Paragon HDS® 100 is also used in Paragon CRT® – The Global Benchmark for Safety in Corneal Reshaping.

Paragon Thin™ (paflufocon C)

Paragon Thin™ is the durable GP material for ultra-thin contact lens designs. Paragon Thin® utilizes similar material properties found in Paragon HDS® and Paragon HDS®100, making this lower Dk material a stable and reliable choice for thin lens designs or patients who may be graduating from a silicone acrylate material to fluorosilicone acrylate.

The FluoroPerm® System

The FluoroPerm® System was the industry's first and only integrated polymeric system. The FluoroPerm System set the standard for the industry and has been a long-standing, reliable choice for practitioners all around the globe.

The FluoroPerm System offers:

  • High performance GP materials: FluoroPerm 30, 60, and 92
  • Superior surface wettability, deposit resistance, and comfort
  • Specific Dk levels and design approvals to meet individual needs
  • A range of approved indications for spherical, aspheric, toric, bitoric, bifocal, bi-multifocal, thin lens, reverse geometry and sigmoid geometry
  • FluoroPerm 60 and 92 are approved for up to 7-day continuous wear
  • A complete line of tints, with or without UV inhibitor
  • Consistent manufacturing by Paragon Authorized Laboratory Partners only

FluoroPerm® 30

FluoroPerm® 60

FluoroPerm® 92

ParaPerm® O2

Paragon GP materials are FDA approved for Plasma Treatment to Enhance Wettability & Initial Comfort.

Ask your GP Lab for Plasma Treatment on your next order!

Non Plasma Treated Lens

Prescribe GPs with Plasma Treatment

Paragon Vision Sciences has combined the innovation of plasma treating lenses with Paragon HDS® Technology, the proven silicone hyper purification process. Now lenses made with materials from the HDS Technology family, Paragon Thin®, or FluoroPerm® family of materials not only provide excellent oxygen transmissibility, they also deliver enhanced patient comfort in any GP lens design.

Plasma Treated Lens

Which Paragon Materials Are Approved For Plasma Treatment?

Paragon HDS®
Paragon HDS® 100
Paragon Thin™ 23
FluoroPerm® 92 64
FluoroPerm® 60
FluoroPerm® 30

*Dk Values are ISO/ANSI Method

Who Benefits From Plasma Treatment?

ALL GP WEARERS! Patients wearing GPs for the first time, with dry eyes or those wearing approved Paragon GP materials all benefit from plasma treatment.

Ask for Plasma Treatment on your next Paragon GP lens order. 

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Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses provide a unique opportunity offering alternatives to traditional eye ware and eye surgery.
Provide your patients with the opportunity to see better without expensive procedures and discomfort.

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